So here is a great story for u all.. :)

Here is a fun story. Its a real story, remixed with some creative imagination, as narrated to ‘her’. The story is on her, and guess she was amused and a bit taken aback by it 🙂

BTW, Those were the times when I worked as CM Specialist (or Clearcase Admin, in plain english).

Hmmm…. So it started with me comming to office (Can’t
remember which shift though). So it was owrk as usual, the normal shift
transition crap. After I kicked off all my custom scripts which actually does
my routine work at office, I thought I will drop in at the RMT bay ( The bay
next to ur old place, by the door). So, there my friend and me were exchanging
the pleasantries ( if u can call bitchin about RMT a “Pleasantry” ),
So she suddenly goes in a bit softer tone, and asks, “Hey, do u know the
name of the gal in the next bay?”. I had no clue, So I told her, “No
clue!, Why are you so curious?

She went ahead “Arey, yesterday u met my friend
“Yeah, dude from HYD come here for training”
“Yes, dont tell me! he is interested… 🙂 “, I continued
“Yup!” she replied.
“U wanna know whats even more interesting?” She continued.
“Pls go ahead…”
“There are some 2 other guys who r interested in knowing more about
I was like “Woah!, hang on, 3??” , I knew lady by the door is good
lookin, but i never knew that so many others shared that opinion, in fact, far
surpassed that opinion. “All from UBS?”.
“All 4m UBS, & 2 of em from HYD, & guess whats the bigger
twist?”, she asked.
All of a sudden, even Im interested in knowin about this person, u know when
there is a gathering of ppl, u will be curious to know whats going on, and now
I wanted to see whats the noise all about….
“Err, if this guy is interested, why doesn’t he talk to her himself”, I asked
“Leave that, listen to this na!”
“Ok? Im listening…”

“One of the guys who wanted to know about her has
actually has a GF!!!”, She continued, “Surprised??”

“WTF?” I retorted.

Wow, either the dude is nuts, or I severely underestimated
the lady by the door!

“Anyways, I got to find her name”, she said, as
though she is on a mission.

All of a sudden, the simple act of obtaining a name,
suddenly became a challenge.

“Let me make a plan to get her name!”, she thought
out loud

I can see she is already plotting diabolical plans for getting
name of “Lady by the door”

In all this fun, I
forgot the simplest way, I was thinking like her, some diabolical plan by which
i can get her name, “wait a sec, why do I care so much?” I thought

“I think I have a way to find the name of the ‘UBS Babe’”,
She said.

‘UBS Babe’, hmmm, looks like even ‘RMT Babe’ is interested,
Even though she has a BF..LOL.

“Why are u smiling?” She broke my train of thought,

“Dont u want to know what my plan is?”

“Im really curious…”, I replied sarcastically, though I
was curious.

Her excitement reminded me of my own, when it hit off with
one of the girls who joined Wipro with me. Though now, things are not so
smooth, and I have no idea how are things gonna turn out with her, I don’t know
how much more complicated can this get…

“Ok, I see her use Orkut quite often!”, She broke my chain
of thoughts once again, thankfully, that was one thought I was trying to ignore
for some time…

“Ok, So? ”, I asked

“Arey.. The proxy i used to use has been blocked now! I can
ask her cubicle mate, she might call out her name asking about proxy to her…”

“Brilliant!”, I said, the fact was I didn’t give much
thought about this.

I headed back to my cubicle, people really do need to know
that I have come to office today.

So I was back in my cubicle, pretending to be busy, working,
and there my friend drops at my bay, a little disappointed…

“What happened? Looks like something messed up?”, I asked.

“Yeah!” She went on “I asked her cubicle mate, She asked,
But she didn’t call her out with her name!!”

“Yeah, u don’t always address ur cubicle mate by name, hell,
u don’t even have to mention her name!” I thought to myself. “ Too bad! Im sure u will have a new
plan!!”, I reconciled her…

“Yeah!”, she said, and then she headed for her cubicle.

After a while, I get a popup on my mindalign, “T?”

“Sure!”, I replied.

“I gotta stop looking so jobless, should have told her 5
mins”, thought to myself.

So anyways we head out to pantry, And to my surprise, the
UBS-B & Chandrababu sir was at the pantry.

Things were getting way too funny. But I pretended to be

“psst, just see her tag, figure out her name!”, My friend


“Do it fast!!”, She said with certain sense of urgency.

I suck at reading discretely, otherwise I would have got
much better marks at School/college exams…

I made a lame attempt, but the tag looked like whole English
alphabet printed on em (Im sure this is not ur full name or they really did
print the whole English alphabet in there).

Anyways, u guys just went out and we were left alone to make
the tea.

“So what is it?”

“I don’t know, I couldn’t read the name, its huge!” , I

“Oh common!!”, she
was disappointed.

“Sorry”, I got the same feeling, as when I get my Math
paper, “Wait a minute, its not MY problem”, I thought to myself.

So after all this fun, in a few days, I got released from
UBS, and after a few days, I met my friend at Sodex ho. And she told me that ur
name was Xxxxxx, with a certain sense of pride on her face. Im not sure how she
got the name, she never told me, I never asked.

So this just about it. Only difference is that I told u the

strory as though it happened over a day, But this actually happed over a 2-3

weeks time. Apart from that, this is a true strory, with real ppl and real guys

and stuff.. J

Interesting story for an interesting girl 🙂


7 thoughts on “So here is a great story for u all.. :)

  1. Hey,
    Well I really liked the way you have narrated the story.
    I have to say that the whole ordeal of trying to find out the name of this mysterious lady pretty much negated what Shakesphere once said ‘What’s in a name”..

  2. hehe,
    Thanks, normally, u pick a topic, start talking. If the person’s response is positive you introduce yourself and they will introduce themselves. That is how I normally approach people. This was too funny coz the person interested was not interested in intorducing herself. All she wanted was the name of UBS B 🙂

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  4. WOWWW!!! and this is an instant reaction… u need to take up writing seriously…d best part is d way u’ve narrated ur thoughts abt d conversation… dat actually painted a live picture in front of me… this was simply superb!!!!

  5. Oye… I know what you are talking bout. But you shouldnt have mentioned the actual name and that would have been a good ending 🙂 , like all your other blogs where you havent disclosed the actual names.

  6. Point noted…Removed the name…
    Actually this was the older post, its later on that I stopped mentioning the names.. 🙂

    Thanks for pointing it out..

  7. Until I read this story, I wasn’t aware of the girl’s existance in UBS. Rather I kept myself confined to my cubicle..

    Now the continued story of this is ….

    I began on a mission to search for this girl (UBS B’ :)). As there were three girls in that cubicle I had no clue. Though other two were not like the one you mentioned. Still had no clue.

    After some day me and my friend were heading for lunch and were waiting for the lift. Suddenly my friend said “Hi”

    I started wondering for whom was she speaking. She spoke to the other lady. Lift came and we both entered.

    “Whose that lady?” I asked with a bit of curiousness.

    She replied she is XYZ(UBS B).

    “Oh.. really is she XYZ?”

    She replied “Yes, I guess you know the story behind the lady”

    “No re, I don’t even know her” I replied

    “She is the most wanted, hottest, UBS B for every other guy in UBS” she replied

    “Oh i c..”

    “But how did you say that is she XYZ?” she asked..

    I thought she caught me. I never replied though.. Then I made forget the topic 🙂

    Finally my mission to search her completed. But now she has become quite old for SETS GSD ppl in UBS. Other B has arrived couple of months back..

    You should see our cubicle now 🙂

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