My First Serious Crush

So, finally after (re)creating my space in the blogging realm. I was going thru “Here is a great story for u al”. I was laughing at how my friend was dying to know her name. Somehow it reminded me of my own first serious crush 🙂

I was in 11th and it was my first day in college. I completed my 10th in Kerala and moved into Mumbai. So first day of academia in a new city. My Hindi sucks and my English was adequate at best. So as I walked into my college, SIES, Sion, I was looking at all the freshers there. Most of em already had their groups and friends from their school. Me, pale as a ghost (hey, its quite unnerving for someone who has come from a small city) walked into the college corridor, towards the notice board. There was a huge list of names and which lecture hall to go to for orientation.

So I walked to the my designated hall, quite unsure what to expect. My glance suddenly fixated on someone who just passed by, she was stunning. I did not get a clear view, but that passing glance was all it took to make me forget what the poor professor talked about in the orientation.

During our 11th & 12th we had an option of choosing an elective and bypassing a language paper and Biology. Almost everyone who is not interested in pursuing medicine as their field applies for this. So unfortunately I didn’t make it for the elective (Limited seats, allotted on the basis of merit). So our college classes started as usual, Bio was not my favourite subject and I pretty much sucked in french too.

Then one day me and couple of my buddies (yeah, by then I made quite a few buddies 🙂 ) were called by the Princi to his cabin. So we guys head out there waiting for him to call us in. And there she was! This time sitting in front of me. she was with her mom or somebody, I’m not sure, I didn’t notice. She was in a blue dress all pretty, with her hair tied back.

“She looks as beautiful and elegant as a queen”, I thought to myself. Yeah my thoughts were quite limited at that time 🙂

So finally when Princi did call us all inside, he informed us that a few seats were available for electronics elective and we guys can have it if we are interested. She said yes, and so did I. Thus, we ended up in the same class!

Now anybody with some guts would have pounced on this golden opportunity, I was no different I did pounce! However since I sucked at it, I fell flat on the floor :). The best I could do was to introduce myself to her, and she, at the best knows me as somebody in her class.

I still remember the day I first spoke to her, it was a few days after, outside electronics (or was that chemistry Physics? ) labs. She was once again in a blue dress (not the same dress though), all the new electronics guys were not allowed in the labs due to some miscommunication between the office and labs. And we just had to wait outside…. I did ask her name, she told hers.. I said “mophftt…”, or something similar… But magically the words that came out of my mouth was perfect…. But till date I have no idea what I said, it was handled by lower layers of brain, totally independent of higher consciousness, coz higher consciousness was too busy absorbing all her beauty and going “mophftt..pszkt…ssmobizt….”, and so on.. 🙂

But she is single handedly responsible for my good attendance in 11th and partly in 12th 🙂 . Her internal code name was “Jazz”, what we friends used to refer her as, and almost entire class knew how crazy I was for her!

Well that was the past, the reason I dug it up was the great orkut did me a great favour. When the old memories started flowing, me, just for the heck of it typed “xxxxxxxx” in orkut search, and guess what, I got a hit that said her full name!!! I was like “Could this be….”. I clicked on it, and to my surprise it was her!!! She even had a few of 12th friends in her list. I couldn’t wipe that stupid smile off my face, guess thats what u call as first crush. After all this years, she looks a lot different from what I remember, hell, I don’t even know her all that well, but the sheer joy of seeing her snaps again brought me back the fond memories of all the stupid things I did. I even wrote modest poetries for her….. Long after I last seen her! ( &

And after reading all the testimonials Im sure Im not the only one who has gone “mophftt..pszkt…ssmobizt….”

“……..she has a very sweet smile…she is an excellent dancer…very brilliant..all the guys right from milind soman to some college hero fall for her…”

— Friend X

“we hav had loads of fun together (loads of memories)she is one friend who will stand by u in all ur troubles!
she has great taste when it comes to choice of things!
currently missing her a lot ! “

— Friend Y

So apart from Milind Soman and college heros, this lil college no-one also fell for ya, big time! And I do agree with her friend that “She loves to dress up” Even in 11th and 12th she used wear matching earrings and nail polish and all…

Anyways, past is past, and I don’t thing anything fruitful would have happened even if I did make a move, but rest assured that I will always cherish those memories. If she ever reads this blog, All I want to say is that, U have made those days worth remembering and a big

“Thank You”

And oh yeah, I saw her facebook pic and orkut pic, she still looks stunning… Im sure she is still responsible for guys going “mophftt..pszkt…” 🙂

edit : I removed the ref: to her actual name. Couple of my friend thought its not a good idea 🙂 Who knows? She could have a boy friend who looks like Milind Soman somewhere in Bangalore !!!


11 thoughts on “My First Serious Crush

  1. Wow! that was a nice and sweet story… i almost wanted to rush to the end to see what happened. I must say, you are proving to be an amazing writer… Proud of u 🙂

  2. Dude… have never told me this story!! Is this the same girl you have been going on and on and on and on about?
    well written and btw, do you know her shoe size?

  3. hmmm.. i knew u r a gud writer/poet.. but this GUD.. ?? DAMN.. and i must say tht u r also clever enuf to keep the END user (u kno who) wondering if u r talkin bout tht very person.. 😉

  4. Wow! thats one hell of a humorous, but classy way to portray your first crush. The description of a girl through a teenagers eyes and the undying thirst for her beauty to touch his soul. I was smiling all the way.

  5. Wow…. that was a nice story. few days back i got to know your writting ability…now just waiting to know more about your poetry stuffs[:d]

    sounds good Huh!!!

  6. Now that was something…

    “mophftt..pszkt…” – hahahaha … exactly what a guy says, feels and goes through. Heart is going at 1000 bps (beats per second). A glance taking away the life from you. You stay fixed in a place like the Fevicol advt.

    I hope she reads this and realizes what she has put you through 🙂 . Pray, she has no boy friend in Bangalore 😀

  7. hahaha.. Now I am sure, you are a staunch believer of love at first sight.. But good to know that u still find to write such a luvly gripping story.. keep the flow going buddy.. So found some one NEW??? or still craving for the old one..

  8. Wow dude, nicely done. I would also like to see the poetry. May be I could add some flavor to that and make it a rap song, hehe.

  9. Whoaa what do we have here.. You romancing whilst in junior college.. It was a very nice read… The narration was perfect and more so cos it was heartfelt.
    Like Varun said, was smiling all the way..

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  11. Wow!!! superb story. Excellent narration. Keep it up buddy 🙂

    God!!! I was almost carried away

    “mophftt..pszkt…” does it really go that way ?;)

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