Windows Live Writer

So with new blogs getting some decent traffic in past couple of days, I guess I should give the tools I used, the due credit… 🙂

Initially when I started blogging (That was a couple of years back), the only way to make a post was to login into the blogging site, and then manually update the blogs by posting a new entry. The tools available were quite crude with few formatting options.

Fast forward to today, and we have a number of ways to blog. Take my phone for example, I have Sony Ericsson K790i Phone, it has an option for taking a snap and then blogging it right into This was great, I even used it to blog real silly stuff (Check them out at ). But even they lacked something. The brave and the determined continued to blog with these tools. But somehow, for some reason, the not so determined people like me just didn’t like the idea of not being able to edit the document and write one offline. The post like “My First Serious Crush” took a good 4 hours to write, over a period of 2 days. I couldn’t be bothered to open an online edit screen and keep editing such lengthy stuff.

So how did I do it. Ladies, and Gentlemen and the rats of the Internet. Please welcome my favourite blogging tool. Windows Live Writer 🙂


Here are a few things I liked about Live Writer.

  • Its Good! (duh!)
  • Its free (Really, its free and its from Micro$oft !!!)
  • It has option of pulling up the style of your blog into editor screen, so that you can see how colours and layout comes offline.
  • It has a spell check.
  • It as good formatting capability (Which I don’t use, as U can clearly see, but its nice to know that I can, if I wanted to).
  • Functionality can be extended with plugins.
  • It takes about ~50 MB running (Trivial, on my 2 GB system)


Bets of all is the web preview feature, which lets me see exactly how it would look in my blog, with all the other elements in the page!


The above screenshot gives me an idea how the page will look in before I publish it. Not how it shows the side columns and all, though the columns are not updated live (in the screenshot the RSS feed on the left is bit old).

So I would urge anybody who is into blogging or planning to blog to take a look at the windows live writer ( a serious look, it may improve the productivity!!

Happy Blogging 🙂


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