A Nail Biting Movie Experience! ( Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian AND a box)

chronicles_of_narnia_prince_caspian_posterWeek after week, working in office was getting on to me. So we guys needed a break. Whats worse, the Coorg trip we planned for this weekend go scrapped due to some family obligations, one of my roomies had on sunday. So we guys planned to go for a movie on friday. Since Narnia was the only movie running at this point (Having seen Ironman twice on the big screen!)

So we guys left office early and headed for PVR in Forum (Bangalore). I liked the first Narnia, so I was excited to see the sequel. So as the movie was progressing one of my buddies, Jimis (aka Jimmy), sitting besides me just whispered to me, “Sorry for interrupting, but I think somebody left a bag besides me!”.


“There were 3 guys sitting besides us, they are missing since the interval and they left behind a bag. Its a little heavy”

“Shit!”, I thought,  Why did he even bother to lift is, It could be dangerous!! There has been a lot of terrorist attacks with unattended packages in places like hyderbad, this must be the turn of Bangalore!!

“Go and report it to security right away”, I told Jimis.

“Shall I take the bag with me?” He asked.

“No NO! just go and report, thats all!”,I instructed Jimmy.

I then leaned over to Rajiv, the other roomie who had come for the movie. “Dude, there is a package next to jimmy and the guys who were sitting are missing!”

He got curious, “How is the box?”

“Square!” I replied.

Now on screen, there was a nice fight between Prince Caspian and King was going on, and everybody was watching excitedly…. But I was honestly wondering if I get to see the end of the fight!!

Jimmy left to report on the box. Rajiv hopped on to the Jimmy’s seat to see the box on the adjacent seat. He switched on the Phone cam’s LED. We could see a blue box, which looked like a box you would find for an alarm clock. It was in a nice paper carry bag. So Me and Rajiv were very worried…

Jimmy was nowhere to be found, on screen the deadly duel between the king and Caspian was going on… Off screen we were biting our nail wondering if we lose our head before they did on screen…

” I will go and check”, Rajiv said.

“Ok!”, I replied…

So Rajiv also left looking for Jimmy and the theater security. Now I can see the box, lying harmlessly 2 seats away, direct line of sight. If that thing blows up, I wouldn’t even live long enough to realize that I will be dead soon.

“Damn, I will never get to see that appraisal”, A thought flashed through my mind, “Dude! You are pathetic”, said another….

“Oh well, I dont have to worry about the salary hike now”, Said my funny side.

Then I just saw ppl around me, and wondered what is gonna happen to them. As for me, I didnt have to worry much. I have no commitments and Im not tied down to this world. What about these folks?

As the more serious thoughts started flashing I saw a group of people walking towards my seat, I saw Jimmy and Rajiv in that group. So a bunch of security guards, armed with metal detector walked up to the package. Now other patrons in the theater started noticing the commotion, the lady sitting on the other side saw the metal detector and she instantly realized whats going on, I could see that fear in her face!

When the guards passed the detector on top of the package, it lit up ( I don’t know if that means there was some metal inside). They picked up the package and took it outside. We 3 took a deep breath and went “Phew!”. we were happy to have our body parts still in one piece. As for the movie, the duel was ending, we got to see the end of the fight :).

In the end, we don’t know how good the movie was for others, For us it was literally “Nail Biting”!!


4 thoughts on “A Nail Biting Movie Experience! ( Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian AND a box)

  1. Phew!!! What a narrow escape….
    But what made you think of appraisal at that moment?;) Shukar karo tum sab bach gaye… n you also will get your “appraisal” 🙂

  2. Nice!! I missed this one.
    BTW, the figt was between the king and the eldest of the Narnian kids, I donno the name. You surely gonna remember thsi movie for sometime.

    On a serious note, if everyone becomes this cautious we would have less of such attacks.

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