No Active Desktop in Vista!

Ok, how many of you remember this lil feature that was introduced in Windows 98 ? It was a nice idea, Just set any HTML page you fancy as your wallpaper. It was called active desktop.

The trouble was, with paltry amount of RAM and limited CPU horse power, Active desktop used to murder the system resources. It was carried over to XP. But still hardware had not kept pace with Software. Now with Vista and its God like requirements, I assumed that the feature was still around. To my disappointment they have removed this feature… 😦

I have a nice laptop with 2.1 Ghz Penrynn processor and good 2 Gigs of RAM (additional 512MB as readyboost cache), When I have enough processing grunt and room in memory to accommodate this feature, they have removed it….

I was planning on putting as my wallpaper. Too bad, now I cant… 😦

The reason why they did this? Ppl on the net seems to think that its coz of the security threat and memory leak issues. Hmmmm…. Too bad, when we FINALLY have the computing power to have this on the desk, they had to kill it off…


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