The Mojave Experiment

As I was skimming thru my daily dose of updates, I found this interesting article by daily tech.
So , what is Mojave Experiment about ?
Well, we all know how much of dirt is being thrown at vista by people. There are a lot of people who hate vista and a lot of negativity around it.
While I’am not claiming that it is not unfounded. A lot of it stems from ignorance. So guys at microsoft came up with this lil experiment to show you just that.

In fact, I have been Mojave’ed at one point. I too was under the opinion that vista sucked ( because the experts on the net thought so.. ). But when I saw vista first hand on my buddie’s laptop, I actually found it to be good.
So when I got my Vaio, with vista, I did not downgrade to XP.
So let me dispell some myths.

* UAC is NOT a useless feature, sure it annoys power users (like me). But I can see someone like my dad or sis benefit from it. Look, one of the stupidest ways a system can get infected it by u deliberately clicking on an executable. When u see a UAC confirmation for something like a joke program, YOU KNOW that something is not right…. Besides how do you call yourself a “Power User” if u cant figure out something trivial as turning UAC off ? 😛

* While VISTA does need more RAM, I found its usage to be much more efficient than XP. I really liked superfetch feature. Thanks to that, Firefox starts up in under 5 seconds, and Windows media player and winamp in under 3 seconds. So Vista is actually faster from the end user perspective.
Yeah, I/O is a lil slower than XP. But end user experience is miles ahead!

* One feature, that nobody really talked (dont know why!) is the fact that Vista has I/O prioritization! So? you might ask…. Well, you know what happens when Virus scanner starts when you were doing something heavy on XP, right? Well, that doesnt happen in Vista. Stuff like virus scan and indexing happens at lower I/O priority. So your applications dont have to fight for the Disk I/O’s (Means, overall responsiveness of the application increases).

* One more really neat feature, Thread Priority boosting. Simply put, if you are running windows media player and some “heavy” application, in order for you to have an uninterrupted media playback, Media player will boost its thread priority. Does it work ? Yes, as far as I know because, I never got any stuttering issues if Im doing some installation or virus scan in while watching movies.

And for all the people cribbing about higher RAM requirements, why dont you take a look at RAM cost these days? As we progress, the hardware requirements of the OS will go up, remember 98 used to be happy with 64 or 128 MB, try running XP on that… 😉


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