Push Mail for s60 ( SEVEN )

logo_seven_cc3333 Most of the corporate executives are hooked to their blackberries and its push mail service. However, blackberry service is expensive (at least here in India). Fret not folks, Seven is here to answer our prayers. Seven is a service that enables push mail for most of public domain email service providers (like gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc.). But wait, there is more, Seven can enable push mail for corporate e-mail which has OWA (like the organization that I work 🙂 ). 

I now get mails from office quite easily. I have also set up my gmail account for push. Now mails are delivered almost instantly to my Phone. Though I can get push mail with E90’s IMAP support (and gmail IMAP’s IDLE feature), I would still prefer SEVEN’s solution. Here are a few reasons.

  • SEVEN client will re-establish a lost connection. The builtin email client does not.
  • SEVEN integrates with your existing mail/email system of S60 phones (works exactly like the builtin client).
  • SEVEN supports times at which real time push has to work. (with provisions for specifying alternate schedule for Push mail during weekends).
  • SEVEN retrieves all the mails as they arrive (you can specify the mail size to be downloaded, beyond which, message will be trucated). So no need to click on a mail to retrieve it. This alone makes the whole process of checking mails more enjoyable (and since there is a size cap on per message, rest assured that you wont end up having to sell your car for paying the phone bill). 
  • Support for push mails for servers with OWA support.
  • SEVEN will switch off the push mail if the phone battery level goes below a certain threshold (Configurable).
  • SEVEN Push status is clearly shown on the phone standby screen with a neat icon.


Having said, there are a few observations.

  • Seven makes the messaging application a little slow ( Not painfully slow, but noticeably slow). Im not sure if it is a problem with E90’s Messaging application, or Seven’s client.
  • Text only mails. No HTML support. But this mostly due to the fact that messaging application of E90 supports text only mails.
  • I’m using Beta edition, I’m not sure how long it will last.

Overall, I have been using it since yesterday, I think seven is an application worth keeping. If you are interested then head over to www.seven.com for getting a copy of beta client.


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Vista Native vs Windows 7 in Virtualbox

Just out of curiosity I ran Windows assessment of Windows 7 running in virtualbox (with VT-x enabled) and Vista. Here is a screen shot of the comparison.

Vista Native vs 7 on Virtualbox 

What was amazing is the Hard disk Score, Virtualbox HDD is faster than the native disk !! Processor score is not too shabby, but I expected more with VT-x turned on. So how much does VT-x have influence on the Virtualbox performance? I tried to do the same score with VT-x turned “OFF”.

To my surprise, I got the same score! Perhaps, the windows assessment tool does not run any ring-0 code ( as far as I know, VT-x helps better management of ring-0 code).

Anyhow I’m posting the screen shot of the windows 7 on virtualbox with VT-x turned off.

Seven_virtualbox_without vt-x

If Anybody has a better idea as to why VT-x failed to change the scores in windows 7 assessment, please feel free to comment 🙂